Changeable Copy

Pronto Changeable Copy Letters & Accessories

Gemini Pronto Changeable Copy are a cut above traditional saw-cut changeable copy. That’s because Pronto letters are made from an injection molded precision blank. Each panel is molded with a small raised edge on the back side of the letter that prevents the screen-printed ink from being scratched off as the letters are moved in and out the Pronto track. The molded-in feet keep debris (and in cooler climates, ice) from interfering placement of the changeable copy message. Finally, because the inks used on the Pronto letters are UV inks (no VOCs!), there are no harmful emissions during the manufacturing process. Pronto letters truly are the letter of choice.

  • Patented panel design prevents scratches
  • UV inks have no harmful VOCs
  • Molded feet keep panels from sticking in track
  • Ships in 1 business day

Transparent letter with silk screened black background. Letters are made with a Beveled Overlay System. These letters are priced the same as other Pronto letters. MoonGlo Letters should not be enclosed in any type of vandal proof cover as warping may occur.

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